GEM4D Version available for download

Version is mainly a bug fix update , although I also got some interface changes done on aspects that have been annoying me for a while. Many thanks for the very quick responses from MdC and RT on errors they found in Version! New functionality Add check boxes to the "Mesh => Files and Objects => Files" list control (top list to the left where the file names are displayed). Check the "File name" checkbox to show the associated objects in the "Objects" list directly below. Additional functionality to the "Objects" list control: Pick the "Color" column and select a colour from the pop-up control. Pick the "Opacity" column to change the object opacity. Pick to the left in the cel

GEM4D Version available for download

Version is a major update with interface changes and long-awaited functionality additions such as Surpac DTM-support, Boolean functions, more legend colours and mapping additions. Many thanks for the feedback from users, and specifically the contributions from KdP, LH, RT, EZ, LC, DG, EH, TP, RS, JG, CH, HE, ND, PF, KB, GS, DH, JW, DR, JL, MS, TL, AT, JD, SW, TK and MP. New functionality Updated version of the graphics engine - please update the graphics drivers for your screen card. Add support for Surpac DTM-files under "Ribbon => Mesh => Load DXF and Surpac files => Surpac-files". GEM4D supported Surpac STR-files for a while now, but the DTM support is new. The Surpac-files are di

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