GEM4D Version available for download

Version contain small improvements that could make large differences in productivity. Many thanks for the discussions and ideas from RT, KdP, GB, MS, CB, CV, FdB, NT, JP and KB. New functionality Add collar text that faces the camera by checking the "Drillhole => Collar => Show collar names" checkbox in the control to the left. Some components were updated to their latest versions which improve stability. The OpenGL interface was upgraded and is now producing even higher quality scenes than in the past. Additional error catchers were build into the code to correctly handle some selection sequences. When importing OBJ-files with textures using "Ribbon => Image => Load files => OBJ wit

GEM4D Version available for download

Version adds a feature that I have been thinking about for many months - fitting a curved surface through mapping data that take account of their orientations (similar to some geological packages). It took me some time to figure out, but the results are great and it opens a world of new possibilities. Many thanks for KdP that often discussed this with me, and also the inputs and thoughts from RT, LH and KB on specific aspects. New functionality Add "Top toolbar => Discs icon => Best fit warped surface". This works the same as the "Best fit planar disc", but create a warped surface through the points that take account of the mapping orientations - see discussion below. Add "Ribbon =>

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