Trajec3D Version available for download

The previous version of Trajec3D expires on 1 July 2017, and Version will expire on 1 January 2018. The new version also has new features requested by users, such as a histogram counter and a fall body run-out distance calculation tool. Many thanks to PdG, JD and FB. New functionality "Ribbon => Analysis and Results => Runout distance" is a tool that calculates the perpendicular fall body run-out distances from a line drawn by two pick points. The distances are also saved to a CSV text-file to enable statistics on the values. Early days for the tool, and definitely room for improvement, please let me know. Below is a discussion on using the tool. When inspecting the fall body elevati

GEM4D Version available for download

Version contains further stability improvements, interface changes, and functionality extensions when creating markers, mapping discs, and measurement lines. The changes in this version is largely due to input received from KdP, WG, LH, JP, PE, GS, EJ, RV, AJ, JD, CB and NT - many thanks. New functionality "Top toolbar => Manual Markers / Manual Mapping / Measuring Tool" now work slightly differently to previous versions. The "Shift" button was required in the past for multiple selections, which is no longer required as the right mouse button is used to stop the selected action. The keyboard "Delete" button will removed the latest objects, which makes digitising far easier. For Measu

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