GEM4D Version available for download

Version contains many functionality additions and significant enhancements to existing functionality. Please download the latest version, as there was an early Version upload that contained errors. Many thanks this time to a bunch of contributions from AB, BB, TN, RT, AP, KdP, WG, CB, NT, SF, AJ, MD, GB, KA, ZT, JG, JP, JM, LH, JD and DJ. New functionality Drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer is now supported for all mesh formats - (AutoCAD) DXF, DWG, (Surpac) STR, DTM, (Others) OBJ, IV, VRM, STL, PLY, VTK and VTP. Native Datamine DM-support will be added soon. Drag-and-drop is now supported for Marker CSV text-files. Expand Surpac file support to include multiple objects in a

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