GEM4D Version available for download

Version contains functionality additions and enhancements. Please download the latest version, as there was an earlier Version that contained errors. Many thanks this time to contributions and comments from JS, CB, LH, MB, JP, GB, NB, CHY, AJ, GB, KdP, MD, BD, WvH, SA, TN, GI, CH, IK, EJ, RT, HDL, SE, FM, JW, JB, MO, PS, EZ, SW, PE and AB. A very special thanks to JS, KdP and CB for their ideas and comments as indicated below. New functionality Use "Ribbon => Mesh => Export files => Mesh info as CSV => Best-fit disc through object" to create CSV-files from strings such as fault traces etc. - see Discussion 1 below. The 3D-grid has been rebuild and many of the previous limitat

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