GEM4D Version available for download

The main addition to Version is in-scene text support for Marker, Mapping and drill hole Geotech data, but other improvements were made for a specific project I am currently working on. Many thanks this time for inputs from KdP, RT, GB, AM, FB, FC, GS, MC, JV, JdS, LH, KB, LC, KD, HA, JP, TN, GL, OW, GK, BTM and AB. Apologies for those that had difficulty downloading installation files, I had issues with my internet hosting service which changed some of their protocols without warning. I changed service providers and all should be good (even better) now, please let me know if not. New functionality Support for in-scene text display of the selected values for Markers, Mapping and dril

GEM4D Version available for download

GEM4D Version is largely a stability improvement version, with minor additions, changes and bug fixes requested by users. Other changes are personal preferences to better represent the functionality as initially envisioned. Many thanks the ideas from GB, LC, KdP, RT, MC, EJ, JV, GK, ES, GS, KB, KD, GL, AB, PM and FC. #GEM4D

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