PicSure Version available for download

The previous version of PicSure expires on 1 January 2018, and Version will expire on 1 January 2019. PicSure is a half-completed package, but I just do not find time to complete the functionality at this time. GEM4D is taking most of my time as the user-base increased significantly over the past year. Also, PicSure is sporadically required, whilst GEM4D is a tool that I use nearly every day. #PicSure

Trajec3D Version available for download

0New functionality Add a fall body counter to the histogram chart. Changes Different look to the interface and scene background colour. Less actions are recorded in the bottom text box. The expiry date before a new update has to be uploaded from my website is now 1 July 2018. Discussion: Use GEM4D to create a surface mesh from a strings file Trajec3D can only read triangulation/mesh/solid files, but GEM4D can read a far greater range of files. If a pit shell is provided as a string file, Trajec3D will generate an error message: "File not loaded. Action cancelled or no triangulations were found in the DXF-file, the start-up mesh will be loaded". The best option is always to request the origin

GEM4D Version available for download

Version adds the ability to filter data within closed surfaces, even when these surfaces are closely spaced and sub-parallel. Other improvements are interface response and stability improvements. Many thanks for the feedback from AJ, SF, RT, KB, KdP, RC, LH, KD, BB, JP, MD, DR, BE, JS, IS, JV, KL, KM, FB, MC, JdS, GS, GB, TN, AM, EJ, BO, JV, FN and AB. New functionality Filtering on polygon orientation with "Ribbon => Marker => Marker filters => Manual => Relative to meshes". See discussion below as some knowledge on polygon orientations are required to use this filter. More robust loading of Marker and Mapping data. In previous versions, empty cells and format anomalies resulted in

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