GEM4D Version available for download

Version adds significant upgrades to various aspects such as the graphics engine, export support for OBJ-files with textures, picking accuracy, clipping improvements and data importing. Thanks for the support, suggestions and comments from DK, JS, CL, RC, KdP, DG, KD AJ, RT, JP, AJ, ND, KB, GB, FB, SC, SO, LH, DdC, GS, DR, BE, JS, IS, JV, KL, MB, KM, MC, JdS, TN, AM, EJ, AB, BM, FN, OW, ES and FC. New functionality Updated version of the graphics engine that improves the scene quality even further. "Ribbon => Image => Wavefront texture files => Save after transformation" export an OBJ-file with the texture information - see discussion below. The mouse picking logic was redone for the

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