Consent for receiving communication

I send out a "Consent for receiving communication" e-mail earlier today. This is not a scam or phishing e-mail, but a result from new EU legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that comes into effect end of May, 2018. If you'd like to continue hearing from BasRock, please update your subscription settings. You will automatically be removed from the distribution list if you decide to ignore this communication. Apologies for the inconvenience, but the potential consequence of non-compliance to the regulation is significant. If you want to know more about this change in legislation, please read

GEM4D Version available for download

GEM4D Version is updated with the latest versions of all third party components. Reasonably significant changes were made to the code, much whilst jet-lagged on a plane, so please let me know if something is not working the way it should. On the bright side, many small bugs were corrected due to feedback from users, and some significant additions incorporated. Thanks this time to KdP, PE, JP, BB, JS, RT, EM, EJ, DK, FB, KB, OW, EM, DK, JD, DN, HG, TP, SE, GK, AB, PN, RC, FC, FN, CB and HA. New functionality Hydraulic radius (HR) values are now automatically calculated when drawing closed poly-lines on a plane. Two HR-values are calculated, a plan view HR as well as the HR on the sele

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