Version and required feedback

Version is a minor update, with picking improvements and a bug fix. More importantly, please provide feedback on changes that I am considering that will directly affect all users. If I am not receiving feedback to the contrary, I will be moving forward with the proposed changes, and reverting back will not be possible. Please respond before the end of October if any of the following will create difficulty, so I can gauge the number of affected users: Microsoft has dropped support for all .NET Frameworks below Version 4.5.2, and future GEM4D versions will require an installation of .NET Framework Version 4.5.2 as minimum. This means that Windows XP will not be supported any longer, pl

GEM4D Version available for download

Version is an update with significant functionality additions, improvements and bug fixes. Background coding changes were made to Version, and I broke some of the functionality in the process - sorry about that. This version should be fully functional again, please let me know ASAP if bugs are discovered. The background changes made to Version was done to accommodate an easy method of creating geotechnical databases, but more about that in the coming months. New functionality Calculate hydraulic radius (HR) values from any mesh with "Top toolbar => Lines (yellow ruler icon)" - see "Discussion 1: Measuring HR values directly from meshes" below. When burning scalar colo

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