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8 Dec 2019

Things have been a bit hectic, and I have uploaded GEM4D updates without notice. I backdated this post to the date when Version was published.

Most coding changes to Version were made to prepare for major extensions and optimisations in future updates. These changes introduced bugs and Version corrected the bugs, thanks to the feedback from many users. This post discusses the changes to both Versions and, and a new version ( will become available so...

28 Jul 2019

GEM4D Version has many improvements for adding data to a scene, which can then be saved as data files to record observations as points or lines type data. The PPV (or PGV) function from seismic or blasting vibrations was also improved and extended.

New functionality

  • Added a quick measurement line that is automatically deleted after the measurement as "Top toolbar => Lines => Single measurement". By default, the "TOGGLE: Delete lines" is checked and the lines automatically deleted af...

12 Jun 2019

GEM4D Version is a smaller update with a few improvements and bug fixes.

New functionality

  •  Added "Ribbon => Mesh => General settings => Precision", which determine the value precision when copying values from the textbox in the bottom panel (right). The default value of  '-1' uses the available data 'as-is', and any other number indicates the number of decimal places. 

  • All the colour legend bars now have a transparent white background for better visibility of the...

11 Jun 2019

The previous version of Trajec3D expires on 1 July 2019, and Version will expire on 1 January 2020.

11 Jun 2019

The previous version of PicSure expires on 1 July 2019, and Version will expire on 1 January 2020.

28 Apr 2019

GEM4D Version has a few bug fixes and the main additions are:

  1. Colour a mesh on the vertical distance to other meshes.

  2. Added Marker interpolation method options.

  3. Copy improvements from meshes and data statistics.

  4. Support for Virtual Reality Modelling Language (WRML) files.

  5. Ribbon behaviour improvements for quick access to selected functionality, see "Discussion: Ribbon behaviour" below.

New functionality

  • "Top toolbar => Color Palette 1 => Colour...

12 Jan 2019

GEM4D Version is a small update with three additions:

  1. PrisVec now correctly handles different date formats such as UK (Day/Month/Year) and US (Month/Day/Year);

  2. PPV can be shown as mm/s or m/s;

  3. Object center coordinates can be exported as a CSV-file.

I accidentally removed some of the columns from "Ribbon => Marker => Marker actions => Distance => Add grid distance column" in the previous version, which is used by many open pits for toe and crest reconciliation - a...

24 Nov 2018

GEM4D Version is compiled with the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5.2, as the previous version used is not supported by Microsoft any longer. This unfortunately means that Windows XP is no longer supported, and I hope not many users are affected by the transition. GEM4D is advanced visualisation software, which will always require reasonably up-to-date hard and software.

This GEM4D version fixes three long-standing annoyances:

  1. Occasional scene blackouts that required a le...

28 Oct 2018

The main addition to GEM4D Version is the ability to retain data changes made to filtered data sets; as this ability enables the assignment of a default value, with subsequent changes to filtered extractions. A geotechnical or risk model can thus be easily created from a grid of data points as indicated in Discussion - Building geotechnical/risk models.

Seems everyone now transitioned to the 64-bit version of GEM4D, and the 32-bit download was removed. Let me know if you are still using a...

28 Sep 2018

Version is a minor update, with picking improvements and a bug fix.

More importantly, please provide feedback on changes that I am considering that will directly affect all users. If I am not receiving feedback to the contrary, I will be moving forward with the proposed changes, and reverting back will not be possible. Please respond before the end of October if any of the following will create difficulty, so I can gauge the number of affected users:

  1. Microsoft has dropped support...

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