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16 Sep 2018

Version is an update with significant functionality additions, improvements and bug fixes. Background coding changes were made to Version, and I broke some of the functionality in the process - sorry about that. This version should be fully functional again, please let me know ASAP if bugs are discovered.

The background changes made to Version was done to accommodate an easy method of creating geotechnical databases, but more about that in the coming months.

New functionali...

19 Aug 2018

This update contains many small improvements that significantly improve the user experience, thanks for the feedback from many users. I skipped the Blog-entry for Version due to time constraints, and this entry covers the update for both versions.

I got many requests for GEM4D training lately, but have little free time at the moment, and decided to start a series of training videos. Due to time constraints, I record each training video once, compile and publish. The vi...

9 Jun 2018

This is a small update, but some long standing annoyances were eventuality corrected - such as the mouse events that did not always release, sorting of objects (also on colour), and the mouse wheel scrolling that did not work in data control. A new mesh cutting functionality was also added that will make life easy in many situations. Thanks this time to JP, RLP, WG, KdP, CB, GK, KB, EM, OW, CH, AB, LH, SE, RT, PN, FC, FN, JV, PE and SW.

New functionality

  • Added "Top toolbar...

26 May 2018

I send out a "Consent for receiving communication" e-mail earlier today. This is not a scam or phishing e-mail, but a result from new EU legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that comes into effect end of May, 2018.

If you'd like to continue hearing from BasRock, please update your subscription settings. You will automatically be removed from the distribution list if you decide to ignore this communication.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but the potential consequenc...

20 May 2018

GEM4D Version is updated with the latest versions of all third party components. Reasonably significant changes were made to the code, much whilst jet-lagged on a plane, so please let me know if something is not working the way it should. On the bright side, many small bugs were corrected due to feedback from users, and some significant additions incorporated. Thanks this time to KdP, PE, JP, BB, JS, RT, EM, EJ, DK, FB, KB, OW, EM, DK, JD, DN, HG, TP, SE, GK, AB, PN, RC, FC, FN, CB and H...

24 Mar 2018

Version should be a very stable version, as I received much feedback from users that resulted in small bug fixes and improvements, but no large additions were made that could introduce new errors. Many thanks to the feedback and suggestions from KdP, CL, GS, FB, AB, AC, JD, EG, MRP, KS, JP, RT, BE, BO, FC, MD, EJ, SW and PE.

All BasRock software and associated installations are now Code Sign Certificated by Comodo ( A certificate is issued after verifying the...

25 Feb 2018

Things were a bit busy at work lately with a role change, so did not get time for a Blog when Version was uploaded, and the 2018 Quarter 1 Quarterly Newsletter is still outstanding.

The changes made to Versions were bug fixes, and Version largely contains various mouse picking improvements and refinements. Many thanks for the feedback from RT, BE, GS, RT, JP, NB, DC, EM, MB, AR, KY, FG, RH, AB, MT, RP, JD, TN, CS, ZT, AB, SW, IQ, CB, KB, TD, XN, AB, SW, GD, SON, AR, PB, TB...

7 Jan 2018

Version adds significant upgrades to various aspects such as the graphics engine, export support for OBJ-files with textures, picking accuracy, clipping improvements and data importing. Thanks for the support, suggestions and comments from DK, JS, CL, RC, KdP, DG, KD AJ, RT, JP, AJ, ND, KB, GB, FB, SC, SO, LH, DdC, GS, DR, BE, JS, IS, JV, KL, MB, KM, MC, JdS, TN, AM, EJ, AB, BM, FN, OW, ES and FC.

New functionality

  • Updated version of the graphics engine that improves the scen...

27 Dec 2017

The previous version of PicSure expires on 1 January 2018, and Version will expire on 1 January 2019.

PicSure is a half-completed package, but I just do not find time to complete the functionality at this time. GEM4D is taking most of my time as the user-base increased significantly over the past year. Also, PicSure is sporadically required, whilst GEM4D is a tool that I use nearly every day.

27 Dec 2017

0New functionality

  • Add a fall body counter to the histogram chart.


  • Different look to the interface and scene background colour.

  • Less actions are recorded in the bottom text box.

  • The expiry date before a new update has to be uploaded from my website is now 1 July 2018.

Discussion: Use GEM4D to create a surface mesh from a strings file

Trajec3D can only read triangulation/mesh/solid files, but GEM4D can read a far greater range of files. If a pit shell is provided a...

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