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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version is a MAJOR upgrade from Version

  • Compiled in Visual Studio 2013 (previously VS 2008).

  • Require the dotNET 4.0 Framework (previously dotNET 2.0).

  • Major changes to the OpenGL Graphics Layer.

  • Major feature additions as discussed below (mesh-mesh splitting, surface colour mapping on data, coordinate grid upgrade, marker visualisation upgrade).

Although I tested the new version on a few computers, I will be very surprised if something was not broken in the upgrade, please let me as soon as possible if that is the case.

New functionality

  • Colouring surfaces on marker values, also called colour mapping. A checkbox was added below the iso-surface checkbox (see GEM4D post on 18 May 2014), which colour meshes with the interpolated values from the created regular grid (block model created from the marker values). A screenshot is shown at the bottom of the post, and more details will be given in the upcoming BasRock Newsletter 2014 Q2.

  • Splitting meshes with other meshes. Previously, GEM4D could split meshes on planes, but meshes can now be split with other meshes as well. Both options are available in the right hand toolbar under "Toolbox => Split meshes on pick poly" and "Toolbox => Split meshes on pick mesh". In both cases just select the option and pick the appropriate poly or mesh to activate the split.

  • Most computers should have a huge visual improvement, as the OpenGL-settings are now automatically set based on the available hardware. If a dedicated graphics card is installed, edges and lines should be smooth, the surfaces have a gloss, and text displayed crisp and clean.

  • A camera widget was added that display the camera orientation. The new button is at the top of the left toolbar and serves as a toggle switch, with the text at the bottom of the scene:

20140630 GEM4D Button Camera Widget.png
  • Lightning options were added to the left toolbar where the contrast and surface gloss could be changed:

20140630 GEM4D Button Lightning Options.png


  • The dotNET Framework 4.0 is required for Version, due to the simpler multi-threading support in this environment. This framework is pre-installed on Windows 7 and above, but the installer should check and install if not available on the target computer.

  • New coordinates grid with crisp text and a more useful layout than the previous version.

  • When loading files with a different coordinate system than Easting, Northing, mRL, the default save will now be in the adjusted coordinate system. To change, go to the top toolbar and check "Save => Save in original coordinate system". Change back to the default with the option directly above.

  • Marker points are now round and not square any longer.

  • Marker objects (spheres, cylinders, cones) are now shiny with smooth shading.

Bug fixes

  • Splitting triangulations by a plane did not always gave the expected results and were fixed.

  • Deleting markers and mapping previously activated some events that delayed the refresh period and was fixed.

The past couple of weeks were very satisfying as many component that I worked on over months came together. As before, please provide feedback and let me know the good and the bad.

Markers, iso-surfaces and colourmapping

20140630 GEM4D Markers Isosurface Colourmapping series 530.png

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