• Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version contains some additions and changes, but the main reason for the update so shortly after the previous update is a remaining bug from the major Version upgrade.

New functionality

  • Different commonly used GEM4D form sizes are available under "Help => From size", for example "PowerPoint - Interface", "PowerPoint - Scene" and "YouTube - Interface". These settings make it easy to create reports, presentations and YouTube recordings.

  • Add support to import and export Visual Toolkit VTP-files.


  • Double clicking in the scene to change the rotation point is now only active when no action is selected, and the "Shft" or "Ctrl" buttons are not pressed.

  • The "Layers" sorting was disabled, as the current logic will sporadically result in errors.

  • More options were added to the "Resolution" and "Search" radius options when creating iso-surfaces and colour-mapping "Marker" values to the mesh.

  • Optimisations were made to the iso-surface and colour-mapping routine with substantial speed increases in some scenarios.

  • The iso-surfaces previously only extended to the exact limits of the available data points bounding box, but now extends beyond these limits by a fraction of the search radius.

Bug fixes

  • The names assigned to "Layers" got mixed up during mesh splitting - fixed.

  • The progress bar did not always show the progress correctly - fixed.

Please continue with the bug reports, feedback, and suggested additions. All the best, Frans.


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