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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The updates in Version focus on data filtering and error catching when loading text data files.

New functionality

  • A "Reverse"-button in "Objects in selected files", which reverses the object selection. You could thus (for example) select an object(s), press the "Reverse"-button, and then manipulate the other objects simultaneously.

  • A "Reverse"-button in "Markers" and "Mapping", which reverses the data selection.

  • A "Filter"-button in "Markers" and "Mapping", which filter the data in the vicinity of a triangulation (mesh). Hide thus all the meshes except the one of interest, press "Filter", select the distance from the bounding box of the mesh, and the relevant data will be extracted.

  • A "Reset all filters"-button in "Markers" and "Mapping", which reset all filters - both filter button and data grid filtering.

  • When right-clicking in the "Markers" and "Mapping" gridboxes, the bottom two buttons function as checkboxes to select between "Save all data" and "Save selected data".


  • When selecting objects, markers, or mapping by using the "i"-toggle button at the top of the right toolbar, a second pick on an object will now deselect the object - pick it again to select etc.

  • The data import error catch routines where rewritten and importing data from files should now be less finicky. Let me know if that is not the case, and please attach the data file.

Bug fixes

  • The new rectangle "Measure" tool in the second button from the top in the right toolbar did not scale correctly on length - fixed.

  • The scalar data interpolation to "Clipping" lines was not always done correctly -fixed.

Please let me know if I broke anything during the updates, as some libraries were substantially changed and blocks rewritten. Enjoy, Frans.

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