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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

An early update, as Version introduced an error that is only exposed under specific circumstances (thanks JD). I pushed the new update out to 1 March 2015, as I am currently converting the Trajec3D interface which takes a bit of time, and will soon start with updates to PhotoCoreLogger.

New functionality

  • I started working on a whole new suit of functionality, that manipulate polygons individually by mouse picking. The only functionality currently available is "Top toolbar => Arrow pick => Delete", which delete individual polygons by mouse picking. Press the "Shift"-button to continue deleting polygons. Will probably be buggy, as the functionality is still very early in the development cycle.


  • Changing the image transparency is now done with a slider, see "Ribbon => Image => Transparency".

  • This version will expire on 1 March 2016 before a new version has to be downloaded.

Bug fixes

  • The "Search radius" numeric textbox used from Version when creating iso-surfaces of "Marker"-data had a maximum value set at 1000. This caused errors when the selected data column had values that exceeded 1000 - fixed.

  • Not all sub-items in the ribbon had icon images - fixed.

Currently working on the loading of OBJ-files from 123DCatch and an easy transform (scale, rotate & translate) based on three pick points only.

New functionality allows removal of individual polygons


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