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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version adds many data filtering options to extract data spatially. I had some thinking about this, as filtering is typically not intuitive in packages I used in the past. The best way still seems the filtering methods used in REM3D, but the implementation is much improved in GEM4D. See my upcoming 2015 Quarter 4 Newsletter for more details on filtering.

New functionality

  • Data filter (Markers and Mapping) on rubber-band selections from any view direction, both inside and outside the rubber-band with "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Manual => Inside/Outside rubberband".

  • Data filter (Markers and Mapping) relative to visible meshes, also on a custom search direction with "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Manual => Relative to meshes".

  • Mapping data filters on failure modes (planar, wedge and toppling) with "Ribbon => Mapping => Filters => Failure setings". The data filtering is done in relation to a selected pit wall orientation.

  • Reset data filters with "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Reset all".

  • Delete individual mesh polygons by mouse picking with "Top toolbar => Pick icon (far right) => Delete single triangle". Keep "Shift" depressed to select multiple polygons.

  • Delete individual mesh polygons by rubber-band selections with "Top toolbar => Pick icon (far right) => Delete inside/outside rubberband".Keep "Shift" depressed to select multiple areas, and "Ctrl" to reposition the viewpoint between selections.


  • Move the data filtering functions from below the grid to the relevant collection in the ribbon ("Marker" and "Mapping").

  • "Top toolbar => Cross swords icon => Split meshes on pick mesh" only works on polygons, not lines. I am busy expanding the routine to split lines as well, but only got as far as picking up the intersection points between meshes and lines. the rest will follow in time.

Bug fixes

  • "Ribbon => Export => Poly vertices" and "Ribbon => Export => Other text => Point and line vertices" were accidentally swapped - fixed.

  • Both the "Marker" and "Mapping" data grids occasionally lost the header row and a restart was required to get it back - fixed.

  • When selecting "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Actions => Delete all", it occasionally produced a error message - fixed.

Notes on filtering

  • Filtering can be done with the new scene options or within the data grids similar to Excel.

  • Filtering is cumulative, and progressive filters are applied over earlier selections. This allows for complex selections. Reset the with "Ribbon => Marker/Mapping => Filters => Reset all" to start again.

  • The data grids are updated during filtering, so export the selection with "Right click in data grid => Save data as CSV-file".

Data selection example screenshot - also show location of polygon delete options

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