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GEM4D on-line tutorials

The second on-line tutorial occurred on Tuesday 1 September and is available under videos or from here - thanks to the attendees for a great discussion! The following topics were covered in the times slots indicated:

  1. Drillholes: 0.00 to 7:10

  2. Filter and iso-surface composite data: 7:10 to 10:35

  3. Drillholes discussion: 10:35 to 16:35

  4. ERF calculations: 16:40 to 22:57

  5. HR calculations: 23:00 to 34:30

  6. Discussion HR: 34:30 to 36:55

  7. Open pit reconciliation: 36:55 to 48:15

  8. Clippings: 48:15 to 50:55

  9. Splitting meshes: 51:20 to 53:47

  10. Mesh data to CSV: 53:47 to 54:50

If you visit the videos directly on YouTube (, the topics are listed below the videos, with hyperlinks that directly jump to the correct time window.

The next on-line GoToMeeting session:

Perth time (UTC+8): Tuesday 10 November @ 9 pm in Perth

  • Which would be earlier on Tuesday 10 November for most other countries (6 am in California, 7 am in Colorado, 11 am in Sao Paulo, 1 pm in Accra, 2 pm in London, 5 pm in Moscow).

  • Use to work out your local time

GoToMeeting link:

Duration: ~60 minutes

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Simplifying meshes for numerical modelling and other uses: ~15 minutes.

  2. Structural geology (mapping and building warped surfaces): ~15 minutes.

  3. Answer any other questions: ~30 minutes

If you have specific questions that you would like me to cover, please mail them to or ask questions during the session.

Below is a warped surface created from Mapping-data. Marker-data could also be used, but provide a different outcome as orientation information is not available. The warped surface creation is automated, and creating these surfaces from a few Markers/Mapping data points take seconds. Never update a mesh, but always update the data points, as creating these meshes are trivial and quick - we will discuss further during the on-line session.

Hope to meet you on the call, keep well.

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