Our goal is to develop software solutions that are intuitive to use and that address the specific needs of mining geotechnical engineers.
The software is distributed as installation files (top button) as well as a ZIP of the directory files (bottom button). You could then either install the software on a computer or download the directory ZIP-file, unzip and create the shortcuts and file connections manually.




Trajec3D is a three-dimensional rigid body rock fall analysis program that can simulate the trajectory of volumetric bodies during free fall, bouncing, sliding and rolling.



GEM4D stands for Geotechnical Manager in 4 Dimensions, referring to three-dimensional space in conjunction with other visual information such as colour, size or shape.



PicSure is derived from Picture Measure and makes measurements from images a breeze. It contains functionality to zoom, rotate, deskew & unwarp images, and record measurements in a grid.

Historical unsupported VB6 software

RoomAndPillar  : A pillar design package for tributary area layouts, or when pillar stresses are known.

SlopeOptimizer : A pit slope geometry designer, also incorporated into Trajec3D.

REM3D          : The predecessor to GEM4D (where I started learning about 3D programming).

PictureMeasure : Scale measurements from photographs with one known distance.

FailureCriteria: A tool to determine design criteria from Map3D modelling results and observations.

CloseFix       : Francois Malan and I wrote the software to correct clockwork closure measurements from paper.

vbrun60sp6     : A self-extracting executable that installs run-time files required for all VB6 applications. 




BasRock-software is currently available free of charge. The programs should always be considered as in a BETA-stage of development.  The software available as "Shareware", where a cost could be required for continuous use in future, is Trajec3D, GEM4D and PicSure. At least six months notice will be given when payment is needed, and we are committed to keeping the cost low.

Software for Geotechs