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  • Frans Basson

All BasRock software updated

GEM4D, Trajec3D and PicSure were updated and the new versions will be expiring on 1 January 2023.

Trajec3D and PicSure were updated with the latest versions of the third-party components, which required coding changes to accommodate interface changes with these updated libraries.

GEM4D was already using the latest third-party library versions, and the changes below were made.

New functionality

  • Add a checkbox option "Ribbon => Settings => Mesh calcs => Surface area", which automatically calculates the mesh surface area on mouse double-click when checked. The default is unchecked. See "Changes" below.


  • In the previous version, the mesh surface area was automatically calculated when the mouse was double-clicked to change the scene rotation centre. This worked well for small meshes, but took a while for large meshes and was removed as the default behaviour. See "New functionality" above.

Bug fixes

  • Stability improvements by removing some delegate calls - fixed.

  • Coordinate system transformations that occurred when first loading a DXF file and an Image OBJ file afterwards - fixed.

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Paiva Santos
Paiva Santos
26 juil. 2022

é um ótimo software pena que não consigo rodar no meu notebook..chega até na parte do accept e fica carregando e não abre.



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