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  • Frans Basson

Software in development: Trajec3D

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Dear BasRock user

I am currently working on Trajec3D, a 3D rock fall modelling package that uses volumetric shapes as falling objects. Have a look at the pictures on the Gallery-page or a glimpse if you are interested. A new Trajec3D-page will be added to the website soon, and I will post a movie or two as the physics engine turned out to be fast enough for quick analysis. Trajec3D is not available for download yet, but a beta-version should be available in the latter half of 2011.

All software currently avalaible on this site was written in VB6, and all new software is written in C#. The new generation software will be licensed, and the license will have to be renewed yearly. This will enable a record of the users, as the VB6-software is used by many consultancies and sites, but I normally find the users by chance. A license does not necessarily mean any payment is involved, only that you will have to request a license to unlock the software. All VB6-software will stay freeware, but the C#-software could become pay software somewhere is the future, but I will inform everyone months in advance should that realise.

Trajec3D is by far the most complex piece of software I attempted so far, but also the most enjoyable. Having the ability to generate 3D objects that follow the well known Newton's Laws of Motion on command is indeed very satisfying.

All the best Frans

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