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Trajec3D Beta update available for download (Version 1.1)

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Trajec3D Version 1.1 is now available for download:

  • Trajec Beta Version 1.1 expires on 1 April 2012, and a new version will be available before then;

  • When the loaded DXF-file exceeds the 65000 vertice limit, the warning message now shows the number of vertices in the DXF-file (but only loads the first 65000 vertices). This limitation will be removed in a future version, but will require a fair amount of work and could take a few months;

  • A default pit surface is now generated when Trajec3D is loaded. This enables first-time user to play around with Trajec3D to determine if the software suits their needs;

  • SlopeOptimizer functionality (see SlopeOptimizer under Freeware) is now available in Trajec3D, and the effect of crest loss can be added to the basic design for comaprative purposes (see the screenshot below). The left side show no crest loss, and the right side the rock fall impact from a defined crest loss.


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