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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Beta update available for download (Version 1.2)

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The following functionality were added to the latest version of Trajec3D Beta:

  • Trajec Beta Version 1.2 expires on 1 July 2012, and a new version will be available before then;

  • Ability to build a catchment fench (at the moment only one at a time);

  • Change the background colour;

  • More fall body options, with a split between mathematical rounded shapes (perfect spheres and cylinders) and angular shapes (boxes, and angular spheres and cylinders).The behaviour of mathematical shapes are very different from their angular shape counterparts. A mathematical shape does not contain any flat surfaces, whilst the movement of the angular versions are heavily impacted by each flat surface and corner.

A few other small changes and improvements were made as well, hope you enjoy the additions and changes.

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