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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Beta Version 1.2.3 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

This version upgrade is more driven by aspects that I wanted to improve on than feedback from users. Some of the changes in Version 1.2.3 are cosmetic and other functional:

  • A splash screen that is softer on the eye, but not final yet.

  • Text on the top control panel buttons to enable easier identification of functionality.

  • Improved Tooltips associated with the buttons.

  • Scene background with a gradient from dark to light. Select a single colour from the color dialog box with the "Colour" button when required, and select "Cancel" in the color dialog box to revert back to the gradient background.

  • A new toggle button "Smooth" that enables/disables antialiasing of the scene graphics. Antialiasing is now selected by default and smooth the raggedness of edges substantially. There is a performance hit though, and the "Smooth" button can be pressed again to deactivate the antialising.

  • The previous graphs did not clearly display the information associated with the path mesh directly below the mouse cursor. Previously, the graph had to be enlarged to make the text readable. The new graph is much improved and the text can now be read even when the graph is small.

Please continue the feedback to and let me know what you think!

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