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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Beta Version 1.2.7 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Trajec3D Beta Version 1.3.0 now available for downloadI had a few requests for the ability to save a slope geometry created in the slope generation module. Previously, the slope had to be regenerated by providing the relevant dimensions and angles each time Trajec3D is restarted. The slope geometry can now be saved and loaded when required, I also made a few other improvements:

  • Save the created slope geometry with "Save - Pit shell (TVM-format)". Load the saved pit shell with "Load - Pit shell (TVM-format)".

  • The automatically generated pit slope had some large polygons, that sometimes created collision detection problems with very small fall bodies. The collision detection is improved by sub-dividing the polygons. If very small fall bodies are still falling through the shell, increase the physics accuracy with the sliding bar at the bottom. This results in slower but more accurate simulations.

  • The toolbar was slightly changed to accommodate the new functionality. The slope generation module is now under "New - Build a custom slope". A new scene can now be opened as empty, with the default pit shell, or loading the slope generation module.

Keep me informed on your experiences, good or bad. All the best, Frans.

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