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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Beta Version 1.3.0 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Trajec3D Version 1.3.0 contains three new additions and some minor interface changes:

  • The scene can be saved to the clipboard, and pasted directly into a document. The screenshot captures anything above the scene area, thus be carefull having other pop-up boxes etc, in front of the scene window.

  • A pit shell generated with the custom slope (SlopeOptimizer) functionality can now be saved for future use. Save with "Save - Pit Shell (TVM-format)" and load with "Load - Pit shell (TVM-format)".

  • When generating SlopeOptimizer pit wall with "New - Build a custom slope", the wall triangulation is now broken into smaller polygons for enhanced collision detection of very small fall bodies. If very small fall bodies still fall through the triangulation, increase the physics engine accuracy with the "Simulation" tab at the bottom middle, then move the slider below "Time interval between physics calculation updates (s)" to "Higher accuracy". This will result in better accuracy at the cost of simulation speed.

  • I made some small interface changes to have more functionality with fewer buttons. It is simple enough to figure out in minutes.

Hope you enjoy the additions - all the best Frans.

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