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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Alpha Version 1.1.2 is now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

In my previous post, I mentioned that Trajec3D-files should consist of triangular polygons and to use the "Triangulate meshes" function in GEM4D. Then I realised that this functionality is not available in the available Version 1.1.1, as this was only added during the past month. Version 1.1.2 has the following added functionalities:

  • A function that triangulate meshes where any quads or strips are broken up into triangular polygons - required for Trajec3D topography shells.

  • A Splash Screen when loading the software.

  • The program is now automatically looking for updates when initialised.

Much of my time is lately taken up by Trajec3D, and development slowed on GEM4D. This will change when the larger pit shells and multiple material functionalities are completed in Trajec3D. This will take another few weeks and potentially a couple of months. I hope this new version of GEM4D will assist everyone that require the loading of larger shells into Trajec3D. Best wishes Frans.


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