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GEM4D Alpha Version 1.2.0 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The changes to GEM4D Version 1.2.0 makes it even easier to select files in a scene, objects can be moved and copied, and a few new file formats are supported:

  • Object selection was initially done from the "File" and "Layer" list boxes, with multiple selections supported. From Version 1.1.3, single objects could also be selected from the scene by clicking on the object while the i-button is toggled to "Continuous Information Display ON". The Shift and Ctrl buttons are now supported for multi-selections of objects by mouse picking in the scene. Thus, when the i-button is toggled to "Continuous Information Display ON", and the Ctrl-button is pressed, objects can be selected in the File list box, Layer list box, or directly in the scene, and the selections work seamlessly together to hide, colour or change the transparency of groups of objects.

  • The functionality of the "Move"-tab is now complete, and objects can be moved and copied in two ways. The first method moves or copies the visible object, and the second the objects picked by the mouse. Multiple selections are possible by pressing the Ctrl-button while picking objects. The offset for the move or copy can be manually set, or selected by two mouse picks to select the direction, and the distance can then be changed in the text box if required, without loosing the orientation.

  • Support were added to export and import Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) WRL-files, and Wavefront OBJ-files. When a WRL or OBJ file is loaded, a DXF file name is automatically requested and the file is converted, saved to DXF, and imported to the scene. The WRL format supports both object geometry and attributes, and the OBJ format only geometry.

  • I changed the images on the two lower buttons of the right-hand toolbar, their functionality is still the same.

I think you will find that the latest selection adjustments makes file selection super-simple, and the move and copy functionality is often required. The ability to import and export to VRML and OBJ makes it possible to interact with software packages that do not support DXF-files. Enjoy and let me know if the changes work for you, Frans

20130113 Forum GEM4D Object Copy 590.png


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