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GEM4D Alpha Version 1.2.2 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Mine design software typically has simple DXF-importers that only support a small subset of the information and attributes contained in the file. Some DXF- importers are limited to the extent that they crash when attempting to load information types that are not supported.

GEM4D currently use DXF as the native format, and support many data types and attributes. A file saved from GEM4D will again load with the same layer names and attributes. This extensive DXF support unfortunately creates difficulty for some mine design importers to load DXF-files saved from GEM4D. The solution is to save the files as very basic files, that does not support layers and attributes.

GEM4D now have two modes for saving DXF-files:

  • Save Default DXF-files - save all geometry and attribute information. Use this option whenever possible, especially when files are saved to open again in GEM4D.

  • Save Robust DXF-files - only save geometry information. Use this option only when data has to be transferred to mine design packages that has trouble reading the Default DXF-files.

Many users use GEM4D to load large DXF-files, and then use the ""Reduce polygons" function under the toolbox button to simplify triangulations before loading it again in mine design software. The picture below show simplifications done in GEM4D, with the file size after each simplification. The number of iterations can be manually set, and the triangulation simplifications take only seconds to complete.

20130122 Forum GEM4D Resolution 590.png

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