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GEM4D Alpha Version 1.2.3 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Reconciliation of achieved slopes against the design are time consuming, as comparisons are typically made on individual sections. To create a visual representation of the catchment capacity, triangulations then need to be created from the selected toe and crest points. GEM4D now has an easy way for this analysis, just colour the polygons by their dip-angle, and the catchment capacity on each berm is obvious. The full pit can be assessed in a single pass, and multiple berms evaluated in the context of the catchment capacity of the berms directly above and below.

Rainbow colours could be generated by selecting minimum and maximum values that differ, or a hard boundary could be selected by using the same value for the minimum and maximum values. The "Colour on polygon dip" function is available under the toolbar button with the following image on the right hand:

20130203 Forum GEM4D Poly Dip button.png

The following changes were made to GEM4D Version 1.2.3:

  • Added ability to colour the triangulation on the polygon dip angles. This functionality is useful for quick assessment of slope angles, highlighting structure planes on CMS-triangulations, and for reconciliation studies.

  • Stability improvements to the GEM4D engine structure. These changes do not affect the way GEM4D behaves, but improves the stability, is easier to maintain, and more flexible to accommodate future functionality.

  • Object selection improvements when picking with the mouse in the scene.

  • Added support to the DXF-importer for more line types.

20130203 Forum GEM4D Poly Dip Rainbow.png

20130203 Forum GEM4D Poly Dip Red_Blue.png

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