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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Version 1.5.1 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The latest functionality additions accommodate requirements for a paper where Trajec3D is used to back-analyse recorded rockfall events.

The last tab on the "Results charts" tool window is a "Grid" with the values for the selected fall body paths. The values for the segment of the path below the cursor is highlighted when in "Chart" mode. This functionality was available from Version 1.4.0, but the latest addition now also indicate the Easting (X) and Northing (Y) values:

20130226 Forum Trajec3D Grid.png

A bug in the drag-and-drop functionality from Microsoft Outlook was corrected.

Trajectory paths can now be saved as DXF string files with "Save - Trajectory paths as DXF-strings". The string files can be loaded in any mine design software, or loaded into the next version of GEM4D (Version 1.2.4 available soon) as "Add Trajec3D path strings" to still retain the colours normally available in the Trajec3D path cylinders. This new ability has many potential applications. The figure below is the water flow on a topography, from which the high velocity flows and water channels can clearly be identified. These features are even more apparent when visualised in three dimensions.

20130226 ForumGEM4D Trajec3D path lines.png

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