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GEM4D Version 1.2.4 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Many smaller additions were made to GEM4D in the latest version:

  • A DXF-file can now be dragged-and-dropped from Windows Outlook.

  • Trajec3D path strings can be loaded whilst retaining the colours assigned in Trajec3D (see previous post).

  • Multiple DXF-files could always have been be dragged-and-dropped from Windows Explorer, and multi-select is now also possible from the File Dialog form.

  • Points support was added to the DXF-importer.

  • Surpac STR-files can now be read directly with "Load - Add Surpac STR-files".

  • A scalar bar was added to the object colour functionality available under the button shown below.

20130203 Forum GEM4D Poly Dip button.png

The button to the left contains functionality to colour objects according to selected criteria. The currently available filters can colour objects on elevation and dip-angles; with many more filters to follow over the coming months.

A scalar bar is now available to the left of the picture when colouring objects to show the colour values. The figure below is coloured on elevation and the values interpolated, meaning a smoothing is applied for a gradual colour transition between different values.

20130304 Forum GEM4D Scalar Bar.png

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