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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version 1.3.0 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The additions to this version are a combination of user requests and preparation for future functionality (although immediately useful for Trajec3D):

  • Support was added for the Rocscience software packages RS3, Phase2, Slide and Examine. All these software packages can import DXF section files if the section lines are rotated to the XY-plane, translated to the coordinate system origin, the layers correctly named, and the DXF-file written to the exact specification required by the software. All these steps are now automatically accomplished in GEM4D as will be discussed in the June newsletter.

  • Polygons can now be subdivided to produce smaller triangulations for higher resolution data colour mapping. This is in preparation of upcoming data presentation routines. This polygon subdivision can also be used to increase the accuracy of Trajec3D simulations. When the fall bodies are substantially smaller than the pit triangulation, spurious bounces sometimes occur, or the fall body could fall through the triangulation in extreme cases. Subdividing the pit triangulation will solve these issues, although is rarely happens.

As usual, let me know your experiences to help further improve GEM4D. The next additions are large and will take time to complete, as it involves a data management system to import data from text files.

An example of a model that was directly brought into RS3 as a DXF-file from GEM4D is shown below as example.

20130608 Forum GEM4D RS3 DXF 530.png

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