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PhotoCoreLog 1.0.0 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

PhotoCoreLog is an extensive update of the old PhotoLogger. PhotoLogger was a customisation of PictureMeasure and have many limitations, as it was not initially designed for photo logging. The new PhotoCoreLog is designed with the sole aim of simplifying photo logging, and contains functions to enable quick corrections:

  • Quick-select photos from thumbnails.

  • Zoom and pan to appropriate size and area.

  • Quick-rotate by simply drawing a line that represents horizontal.

  • Correct perspective warping by selecting four corner points to match the actual dimensions.

  • A File Name Builder Form enables efficient naming of the trays before saving the image.

Future functionality will include:

  • A mouse cursor representing a 10cm scaled bar for quick RQD assessments.

  • Logging of separate geotechnical parameters such as RQD, discontinuities, weathering etc.

  • Automatic capture of the recorded logging observations in an interactive data grid.

  • Combining photos into single images for easy transfer to documents and reports.

Saving the captured logs for record keeping and review.

20130713 Forum PhotoCoreLog drill core correct.png

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