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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version 1.3.3 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The latest changes to GEM4D were from feedback received:

  • Loading Surpac STR-files was previously possible, but very inefficient as each line was treated as a separate object. The layers in Surpac are now maintained, and many other optimisations made to the STR-importer.

  • When setting the view of the scene (Plan, N, S, E & W); the objects can now be fitted to the scene, or the original distance between the camera and focus point retained.

  • Loading the first object did not always center the objects to the scene and this was corrected.

  • Pressing the "New" button now require confirmation before the scene is cleared.

Thanks for the feedback, let me know of other potential improvements. The next focus aspect will be to manage and display data elements; such as drill holes, geotechnical logging, structural mapping, instrumentation readings, etc.

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