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PhotoCoreLog Version 1.2.0 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version 1.1.0 was a major PhotoCoreLog update and Version 1.2.0 is a minor update from feedback and personally using the software. The software was developed for a project I am working on that involves the logging of a large number of photographs. The following extensions and improvements were made:

  • Data saved from the grid can now also be loaded by right-clicking in the grid control and selecting "Open Excel file" or "Open CSV-file".

  • The buttons marked as "1 Add", "2 Scale", and "3 Length" now follow automatically to minimise the number of button presses during logging. For example; pressing "1 Add" will extract and add the data and then automatically activate "2 Scale" without physical pressing the button. After scaling took place, both buttons are available for pressing, and "3 Length" is automatically activated.

  • The thumbnails did not always fully update in previous versions, and is now corrected.

  • Minor bug fixes were made to improve the user experience.

Thanks for the feedback and the quick adoption by many users, PhotoCoreLog seems to have filled a need of many Geotechnical Engineers and Geologists. Please let other know of the software, especially in the Geology Departments.

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