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GEM4D Beta Version 1.4.0 now available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D in now in a Beta state of development, and not in Alpha any longer. Please manually uninstall the Alpha version from your computer, as the Beta installation will not automatically uninstall the Alpha version. Do this with either:

  • Control Panel => Programs => Uninstall "GEM4D Alpha".

  • In Windows Explorer, double click on "C:\Program Files\GEM4D Alpha\Uninstall.exe".

  • On 64-bit computers "C:\Program Files (x86)\GEM4D Alpha\Uninstall.exe".

This version contains many updates and changes requested by users:

  • GEM4D now installs to "C:Program FilesBasRockGEM4D". Trajec3D and PhotoCoreLog will also be changed to install to the BasRock directory in future versions.

  • Coordinate changes with loading Surpac STR-files did not work as expected and was corrected. Thanks for pointing this out to me TM.

  • Colouring the polygons on dip angle previously made use of an OpenGL extension and did not work correctly on all computers. The calculations are now done manually and work correctly on all computers. Thanks for pointing this out to me EH.

  • The colour legend bar was extended to display both red-to-blue and blue-to-red colour schemes. This extension enables more intuitive colour schemes for different scenarios. Thanks for the suggestions PD, sorry this one took a while to correct.

  • Measuring the distance between two points also indicates the dip and dip-direction. Down-dip was previously displayed as negative, but was changed in this version to positive according to the definition. Thanks for pointing that out to me PD.

  • The Clipping Elevation value was previously shown in scene coordinates, and not in the mine grid coordinates. Thanks for questioning this KB. Reason this happened is that any 3D mining package works with multiple coordinate systems, as the 3D graphics only display correctly within small value limits compared to the mine coordinate systems in use on sites.

Many thanks for the feedback, continue to let me know of your experiences.


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