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GEM4D Version 1.4.2 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version is a reasonably large update with the following additions:

  • Option to activate anti-aliasing on the Splash Screen. Anti-aliasing will slightly impact performance, but the graphics will be sharper with less jagged edges. Lines are affected most, but the benefit you experience will be a function of the graphics card capabilities and drivers.

  • Reading support for Open Inventor IV-files. I sorely needed IV-support for a project I am working on, as Voxler seems to support only this format as output for iso-surfaces. Could not find software that could read these files, but previously wrote a converter for personal use. The importer is now integrated into GEM4D and Voxler IV-files can be loaded directly into GEM4D with other relevant information. From GEM4D, the files can be exporter as DXF-files to load in mine design packages (see images below).

  • Automatic combining visible actors before creating surfaces and volumes with Delaunay2D and Delaunay3D respectively. The Delaunay functions are used by many, but was a pain to use before. In the latest version, every bit of information visible in the scene is automatically used to create the shapes (see images below). Should have worked like this from the start!

  • BasRock is working on a logo and some software icon changes with a third party. The logo represents the bars of bar chart from above and with a twist.

Seems the improvements to the Surpac STR reader in Version 1.3.3 benefits many users, many thanks for the positive feedback.

Delaunay 2D from a Surpac STR-file

20131001 Forum GEM4D Surpac.png

Voxler IV-files loaded with a pit shell

20131001 Forum GEM4D Voxler.png

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