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Trajec3D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Please manually uninstall any previous Beta version from your computer, as Version will not automatically uninstall the previous versions as I decided to change the installation directory. This is done to standardise the the installation folders for all BasRock software. Do this with either:

  • Control Panel => Programs => Uninstall "Trajec3D Beta".

  • In Windows Explorer, double click on "C:\Program FilesTrajec3D\BetaUninstall.exe"

  • On 64-bit computers "C:\Program Files (x86)\Trajec3D Beta\Uninstall.exe".

This update fixes a bug or two, but also adds multiple simultaneous fall bodies requested by many users. The update for multiple simultaneous fall bodies was reasonably large, as the fall body creation logic had to be changed. This impacted on large segments of the code, so please let me know if Trajec3D misbehaves. I did thorough testing of the new code, so it should be good though. The following was changed and added in this version:

  • New logo and icons matching other BasRock software.

  • The "Section" function only sectioned the Pit Mesh with main material property before, this was fixed and the full pit is now sectioned.

  • A button was added to the bottom of the side toolbar with the fall body images. The new button and the form it activates are shown below. This button allows the generation of multiple fall bodies at each collision point; and is useful for quick analysis from a single location, or for probabilistic analysis. The number of simultaneous bodies for a single fall body shape is currently capped at ten.

  • The expiry date was changed to 1 Jan 2014.

20131008 Forum Trajec3D Multiple fall bodies 530.png

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