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GEM4D Version 1.4.4 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

If you still have GEM4D Alpha (Version 1.3.3 or earlier) installed, please manually uninstall the old version from your computer, as the Beta installation will not automatically uninstall the Alpha version. Do this with one of the following methods:

  • Control Panel => Programs => Uninstall "GEM4D Alpha".

  • In Windows Explorer, double click on "C:Program FilesGEM4D AlphaUninstall.exe".

  • On 64-bit computers "C:Program Files (x86)GEM4D AlphaUninstall.exe".

GEM4D Version 1.4.4 is adding a whole new dimension to the possibilities as it now includes the addition of points data. The points data can be loaded from text files, or copy-and-pasted into the grid from Excel. The data in the grid can be edited, and the grid allows filtering across multiple columns similar to Excel. Only the filtered information is displayed in the scene, and can be exported a text file, or the triangulations as a DXF-file.

The following marker options are available for displaying the data:

  • Marker types are Sphere, ConeUp, ConeDown, and Cube.

  • Marker size can be changes in increments of 10 cm (1 decimeter).

  • Marker colour can be changed.

  • Marker resolution can be changed.

  • Markers can be saved as DXF-files to transfer to other software packages.

The basis is now in place for additions to the types of data that can be imported and displayed. Currently, the imported data has to consist of four columns in the following format: Easting (X), Northing (Y), mRL (Z), and Data (any data type for filtering of the points in the data grid). Also, large data sets cannot yet be managed, but that will change shortly. The current limit is around 10 000 to 20 000 points depending on your hardware.

Other changes to Version 1.4.4 include:

  • New splash screen.

  • The "Show plane" check box in the "Clipping" area is now useful without creating a clipping. Check the "Show plane" check box dynamically interacts with the clipping text box. Changing the Clipping Mode (Easting/Northing/Horizontal) and text box value, and the plane will indicate the selected plane.

Below is a screenshot of the data management tool-set, the data filter box, and random data points with spheres as markers.

20131020 Forum GEM4D Importing data 530.png

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