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GEM4D Version 1.5.0 available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version 1.5.0 is a major update, as many optimisations and additions were made from the previous version. Version 1.4.4 added marker point functionality to GEM4D, but the implementation was not yet mature and easily broken. These shortcomings are now addressed and new options added that should make this very useful when analysing point data.

The file format for point data should be Easting (X), Northing (Y), mRL (Z), Data1, Data2, etc. and can be read from a comma- or tab-delimited text file, or copy-and-pasted to the Markers grid from Excel (by right clicking on the Markers grid and selecting "Paste data from clipboard".

The following changes and additions were made:

  • Changing the rotation point in plan view previously resulted in erratic camera behaviour - corrected.

  • Markers for point data:

* Colour and scale on value by selecting the data column in "DataColumn".

* The upper and lower value limits can be automatically updated or manually set.

* The colour coding and scaling can be reversed to highlight lower values in the range.

* Markers can be represented as flat points for large data sets (default), or as 3D shapes.

* Available 3D shapes are spheres, cylinders, cones up, cones down, and cubes. * Markers are now clipped with the loaded DXF objects. * Larger datasets can be loaded, the previous version was limited to 20 000 data points. * Deleting data was slow in the previous version due to a coding logic error - corrected. * Number of visible markers in the scene are shown in the Statusbar. * Data did not load from a file with a single data point - corrected. * Empty rows are automatically removed from data files.

  • When the clipping plane is visible ("Show plane" is checked), the orientation now updates automatically as the clipping selections are changed.

  • The "Update Clipping" button was made smaller and will eventually be removed as all clipping functions should now update automatically.

  • The snapping implementation logic was changed, and snapping can now be accurately done on transparent surfaces and lines. Part of the change also improved the double clicking accuracy when changing the scene rotation point.

  • The measuring tool was updated as requested by many:

* Multiple selections are now possible by using the SHIFT-key.

* The measure lines can be saved as DXF strings, where the layer names show each segment length. * Repositioning is possible during measurements by using the Ctrl-key.

* Strings are deleted by the "Delete measurement" option, or when starting a new measurement. * A starting point was added to the "ghost line" that follows the cursor between snapping points.

  • The moving and copying of objects had a bug - corrected.

  • Many error catchers were added to inform the user if an action could have an unexpected outcome.

Below is a screenshot of point data output where the spheres are sized and coloured on the data value. Let me know how it goes and all the best for 2014.

20131230 GEM4D Marker points scaled and coloured 530.png

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