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Trajec3D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

A reasonable number of changes were made to the latest version of Trajec3D and some could have bugs, although I tested them reasonably thoroughly. As always, please let me know if you pick up anything that has unexpected behaviour:

  • Pressing the Ctrl-button on the keyboard now temporary de-activates any action to allow scene changes with the mouse during actions (without first deactivating the action).

  • A fence can now be build continuously by pressing the Shift-button on the keyboard.

  • Changes were make to the time step range, previously from 0.010s to 0.100s between physics calculations, and now from 0.004s to 0.080s. This thus allows for more accurate simulations when required, or when the default setting causes spurious bounces.

  • Add the number of physics calculations per second below the time between physics calculations. The default is 25 calculations per second, which is 0.04 seconds between calculations.

  • A text box was added next to the "Environmental settings" tabs to accumulate actions during a session. This is only the start of an actions accumulator and crude at the moment.

  • A tab was added to the "Environmental settings" for Engine settings. This tab has settings for anti-aliasing and multi-threading. The "Smooth" button on the top toolbar was removed as the anti-aliasing can now be set in the "Engine" settings tab.

  • Thanks to AT for his suggestion to add pit transparency, this is now available with a slider to the right of the scene. There are also two buttons to quickly go from opaque to invisible, or drag the slider for a value between the extremes.

  • Again from a suggestion by AT, the physics world is now just as large as the pit mesh to limit the falling-off-the-edge effect.

Let me know what you think. Best wishes, Frans.

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