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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is major update with some interface changes and many additions.

Interface related changes:

  • The buttons of the top toolbar were rearranged and are now grouped on function.

  • The "New" button functionality is replaced with "Scene - Reset scene".

  • A button was added to the top toolbar for the mapping functionality.

  • Add button was added under "Help" to reset the docking of windows.

  • An information window was added to the bottom where information and graphs are displayed.

  • All buttons now have icons for quick recognition.

New functionality:

  • When clipping is done in "Camera" or "Vertical" mode, the cursor is now a cross to indicate the expected picking of points.

  • Multiple Surpac "STR" and Open Inventor "IV" files can now be loaded simultaneously.

  • Mapping data can now be loaded and displayed as points, discs, arrows, or a combination of both.

  • Charts were added to both the marker and mapping functionality.

  • The impact angle of the radar beam with the wall determine the amount of deformation that the radar can record. This is important knowledge when deciding where the radar should be located, especially for safety critical applications. Three buttons are now available that enable the calculation of the radar impact angle with the wall, the percentage vector loss due to the impact angle, and to delete the radar marker under:

20140301 Forum GEM4D Scalar Colour button.png


The file format for mapping data should be Easting (X), Northing (Y), mRL (Z), Dip,DipDirection, TraceLength, followed by any other information of interest. These can be read from a comma- or tab-delimited text file, or copy-and-pasted to the Markers grid from Excel (by right clicking on the Markers grid and selecting "Paste data from clipboard".

The options available for data selection and display is similar as for Markers (see previous GEM4D-post). An addition to both Markers and Mapping is the histogram chart of the column selected for colouring, and an equal angle stereonet for the mapping data. The mapping data can be displayed as discs, arrows, or a combination of both, and scaled on the trace lengths - see image below:

20140301 Forum GEM4D Mapping 530.png

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