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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is a major update with optimisations and the addition of an iso-surface capability (implicit modelling). I tested the functionality thoroughly, but this addition is complex and will probably misbehave under certain conditions, please let me know and also forward troublesome data files if possible.

New functionality

  • Iso-surface capability that is further discussed in the "Iso-surfacing of data" section below.

  • Addition of a mesh colour picker button that allows the picking of colours from existing objects.

  • Automatically manage comma- and TAB- data delimited files, check for headers, and report on formatting errors.

  • Export all lines and points loaded from DXF-files as a comma-delimited CSV-file for manual manipulation.


  • Mouse cursor is changed to a cross when "Move" and "Copy" objects by mouse picking.

  • Selected "Toolbox" functions now retain the layer name of the original objects.

  • The data load logic was changes to enable data format checking and it resulted in a 5-fold speed increase when loading large data files.

  • Added layer name checks to remove special characters and spaces and eliminate potential errors.

  • All temporary files are now deleted when exiting the program.

Bug fixes

  • Pasting data into the grid from the clipboard resulted in errors - fixed.

  • Restoring data to the grids after data deletion resulted in errors - fixed.

Iso-surfacing of data

Step 1:

Load a comma- or TAB-delimited data file in the format "Easting, Northing, mRL, DataColumn1, DataColumn2, ..." (no limitation on the number of columns).

Step 2:

Select a data column to inspect, note that the the iso-surface capability is inactive if the value in "DataColumn" is "0".

Step 3:

Check the iso-surface check box to automatically create a regular grid, interpolate the values with inverse distance, and create an iso-surface.

Step 4:

Drag the slider to update the iso-surface instantaneously, or type a number in the text box next to the slider.

Step 5 (optional):

Optimise the iso-surface by changing the resolution and search radius - the iso-surface updates automatically as new selections are made. Save the iso-surface as a DXF file that can be loaded into mine design packages.

20140425 GEM4D Iso-surface process 530.png

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