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  • Frans Basson

GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

GEM4D Version has a few interface changes, but is a smaller update with optimisations and a few bug fixes.

New functionality

  • Add an "Import" button to the top toolbar where all file types other than DXF are loaded.

  • Add a Open Inventor IV-file export option to the "Export"-button.

  • Add a "Split Tool" button (crossed swords) to the right toolbar with many options to split meshes or draw intersection lines - the main modes are either splitting the meshes on a picked mesh or a plane. A mesh can only accurately split at the physical intersection, but a plane can extent the split beyond the physical object.


  • The Marker transparency slider now only impact on the points, previously also on the iso-surface. To create a transparent iso-surface, export as DXF-file, then load and change the transparency as usual for any loaded DXF-mesh.

  • Splitting meshes by plane or mesh now change the colour of one side to highlight the split. The intersection line and the one side of the split remains the original colour.

  • Some interface icons were changed and buttons moved to follow a better logic - in my mind anyhow.

Bug fixes

  • The "Markers => Search Radius" selection defaulted back to "Default search" when selections larger than the default were selected - fixed.

  • When creating disks with two mouse pick points using the "Mapping Tool", the disks were not centered between the two pick points - fixed.

  • Changing the Marker transparency without an active iso-surface bombed the program - fixed.

Many thanks for all the encouraging feedback from the last update, seems the colour mapping and mesh splitting were high on the list for many users. Now to start a few training videos for all the BasRock packages!

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