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  • Frans Basson

Trajec3D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version contains an addition requested by many users, and a change to make the interface functions consistent before starting on the "Trajec3D - how do I navigate the interface" video (see the "Videos" page for more information on training videos).

New functionality

  • When selecting "Mat1 => Load a DXF pit triangulation (Mat1)" in the top toolbar and selecting the file name, three options are now available on the "Coordinates" pop-up form: 1) Polygon normals are forced upwards. 2) Load the polygon normals unchanged. 3) Flip the polygon normals during loading. Number 1 is the default and works fine in most circumstances, unless when a pit triangulation has a overhanging bench wall, then one of the other options should be used.

  • When selecting "Marker"-spheres, the height value was ignored in the previous versions, but is now taken into account and transform the spheres accordingly.


  • In previous versions, the "Markers" options was a TAB in the "Information & Environmental settings" area at the bottom-right of the interface. This was not aligned with the way other functions work and the TAB removed, a pop-up form is now used for property selection.

Please let me know how your thoughts on the changes, and if anything was maybe broken during the update. All the best, Frans.

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