• Frans Basson

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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The "Length" column directly after columns "From" and "To" created the impression that this column showed the interval length. This is not the case, as this column shows the cumulative length of all the measured pieces irrespective of length. The column name was changed to "Solid" to avoid further confusion.

The logic is that the "Solid" columns shows the cumulative length of all core pieces measured, and the "RQD" column shows the cumulative length of all pieces greater that 10 cm. As the core interval length can easily be determined from the "From" and "To"columns, three values can be determined purely from the interval logging - Interval length (IL), Solid recovery (SR), and RQD recovery (RQD). These values by themselves can be useful to differentiate between soil-type material (IL - SR), small broken rock fragments (SR - RQD), and large rock fragments or massive rock (RQD).


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