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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Version is a reasonable update, as nearly all third party components were migrated to the dotNET 4.0 Framework.

New functionality

  • Buttons were added below the "Layers" tab to allow stepping through the shown layers in single or cumulative mode. Buttons were also added to show or hide all shown layers. These buttons are useful to step through mining steps and show mining progress, or any other representation that are loaded as DXF-files. See the image below for a guide on using the buttons.

  • A specific scene orientation can now be saved to restore a previous view, see top tool bar "Scene => Save a scene view file" and "Scene => Load a scene view file".


  • Migrate the third party components to the dotNET 4.0 Framework. This change does not impact on functionality, but allows greater flexibility for future editions.

Bug fixes

  • RocScience section exports did not transform correctly with multiple layers - fixed. Please keep providing feedback so we can make this functionality work flawlessly!

  • Selection of Markers and Mapping data from the scene did not work correctly when the markers grid was filtered - fixed.

  • Selection of Markers and Mapping did not work correctly in Clipping Mode - fixed.

  • The files selection did not always update correctly when multiple objects from different files were selected from the scene - fixed.

  • "Colour radar impact angle" and "Radar colour accuracy loss" did not work as expected in large coordinate systems - fixed.

  • "Colour on elevation" caused errors within some coordinate systems - fixed.

Thanks for the feedback from new users this month, it was great to meet you - Frans.

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