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GEM4D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The main addition to GEM4D Version is the potential to save scalar colours to DXF-files and thus retain the mapped colours. Each colour is saved as a separate object and can thus be manipulated individually.

New functionality

  • Any scalar values mapped to meshes as colours can now be saved as a DXF-file with "Save => Save scalar colours as DXF-files". When these files are loaded, each colour will be a different object and can thus be manipulated individually (see image below). A maximum of 10 colours are allowed. Use "Settings => Scalar bar colors" to set the number of colours before colouring to 10 or less.

  • The right toolbar "Measure" button had the option to create lines or cylinders between picked points, and the option to create rectangular prisms were added. This shape has many potential uses such as:

- delineating areas such as ground support type, ground conditions, water intersections etc.

- creating a boundary box to cut out a specific area from a mesh.


  • The working of the quick buttons during "Measure" and "Map disc" (right toolbar button 2 and 3 from the top) was changed. Thanks for the improvement suggestion TM, this works substantially better than the original approach.

  • When creating new objects with the right toolbar "Toolbox" icon button, the original objects are automatically hidden, and only the newly created objects shown. To unhide the original objects, just select them and recheck their check-boxes in the left lower list-box "Objects in selected files".

Bug fix

  • When using the right toolbar "Toolbox => Subdivide polygons 2", the default value was a string - fixed.

Hope you enjoy the improvements.

20150208 GEM4D Scalar colours saved 530.png

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