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Trajec3D Version available for download

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

I had been a while since the last major update of Trajec3D. Due to a considerable number of requests for additions, and requirements for my site projects, Version contains many improvements. Some functions had to be rewritten, and small structural changes were required, so please let me know ASAP if I broke any of the existing functionality. Trajec3D is now also compiled in dotNET Version 4.0, so make sure that version is loaded on the target computer.

New functionality

  • Individual fences can now be deleted in the same way as deleting single trajectory paths, markers etc. with "Delete => Delete a single fence". This was not a trivial addition, as fences are effectively becoming part of the pit shell (with different interaction properties) and the whole scene has to be reset, and you will thus loose all previous results.

  • Fall bodies that ends up outside the physics boundaries can now be deleted with "Delete => Delete inactive fall bodies and paths".

  • All the drop-down menu items now have associated icons.

  • Trajec3D is now compiled in the dotNET 4.0 framework and some of the libraries updated to align with GEM4D.


  • When picking paths to display their information in charts, the pit shell is now non-collisional to enable the picking of paths inside polygons. This is required to enable path selection inside stope CMS meshes. The example screenshot below shows the trajectories of waste rock inside a stope to determine the accumulation points.

  • Some settings are automatically reset, but was done too frequently. The defaults are now only reset when a new mesh is loaded.

  • The trajectory path associated with a fall body is now deleted with the fall body, and the menu names changed accordingly.

Bug fixes

  • When loading DXF-files, the "Coordinates" pop-up box have three options for the polygon orientation:

- "Polygon normals are forced upwards"

- "Load the polygon normals unchanged"

- "Flip the polygon normals during loading"

The last two options were swapped, and the normal directions changed and now in agreement with GEM4D.

20150302 Trajec3D rocks in stopes 530.png
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